Student Travel Grant


The 2018 IEEE VCIP conference provides a great opportunity for researchers to present their work, get acquainted with the work of others, and discuss with colleagues both junior and senior. To promote participation of students in the conference events, 2018 IEEE VCIP will offer travel grants for a number of selected students. Note that grantees need to pay the conference registration fee and make their own travel arrangements.

Application Closed: November 8, 2018 at 12:00PM EST

Selection Criteria
Student applicants being the primary authors of an accepted paper in the conference will be considered. Female and minority students’ applications are especially encouraged.

Application Procedure
Applications arriving after the deadline will not be considered. Please include the following materials (in the PDF format) in an application:
  • 1. A certificate proving student status from a referee, i.e., a faculty member of the student’s host institution (preferably from academic/dissertation advisors, signature and stamp mandatory);
  • 2. An application letter from the student with the following information in tabular format:
    • ●  The referee’s full name and email address, student’s full name and email address;
    • ●  The name and full address of the institution;
    • ●  The student’s academic status and expected year of graduation;
    • ●  Whether the student is a (co-)author of a paper that was accepted for the conference or if the student contributes to any other part of the conference;
    • ●  If the student is a (co-)author, the paper title, author list, the student’s contribution to the paper, and whether the student will present the paper;
    • ●  The reason for applying for the grant, including the expected benefits that the students will have from attending the conference, research significance, the funding status of the student, and the budget of the student travel;
    • ●  A brief statement by the student about his or her current research interests and research accomplishments to date, or a link to his/her CV.
  • 3. A one-page abstract written in English by the student, summarizing a broad view of his/her research work with motivation, problem description, approach, and progress.

Please combine the application documents into a single PDF file in the order outlined above. Email the document to the Student Travel Grant Chair Prof. Yung-Yao Chen ( as an attachment, with an email subject line: VCIP18-STG-Student’s Full Name.